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Annual Pass Holder Night was fun, for those who stayed later!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

I can not complain, not too much. I didn't get a reservation, and my chances of getting in with a standby ticket seemed to be iffy at best. The chances of getting in looked even slimmer after seeing how long the line was for standby (along the lagoon by the Hard Rock).

What am I talking about? Getting into the Annual PassHolder night event. Well, after about an hour and 45-minute wait (for me, that is), at around 7, they started to let people in, a few at a time. Eventually, it seemed that everyone who waited were let in. But the journey was not over. There was another 10-15 minutes at the turnstiles, but then we were in!

Was it worth it, out there in the sun and heat? It was for me, and I enjoyed the companionship of the people around me. Unfortunately, my journey, though fun, was a short one. The Halloween Bootique was closed (at 7:00), and I wondered aimlessly for a while. I took a ride on Skull Island, which I enjoy, and walked around the Wizarding World; I headed over to Toon Lagoon and the AP Lounge. There was a long line to get in as tonight they had a 50% off sale on all the Pass Holder merchandise. Twenty-five minutes into that line, I had enough of lines, found a nice bench to relax, and eventually made my way home. It wasn't until Monday that I found out that the fun started at 9, with Coke product giveaways, live music, dance parties, and Pass Holder specialties food and drink. But like Sally in the pumpkin patch, I didn't go with the 'cool kids' and missed it all. So, if you need to catch the happenings, I suggest you look at the @SuperEnthused video. They looked like they were having a great time. Jackie and Sam always seem to have a great time. There is some other great content out there for this event that I went to sleep on that you should try to watch. Oh, well, there is always next year!

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